Conditions of Access


Admission  requirements

In accordance with circular No. 01 of 26 Chaâbane 1437 H corresponding to 02 June 2016, relating to the pre-registration and orientation of baccalaureate holders for the 2015-2016 academic year, recruitment is national and the ranking is based on the overall average obtained at the baccalaureate. To participate in the ranking, the overall average obtained at the baccalaureate level must be:

  • greater than or equal to 13/20 for the baccalaureate series of priority 01.
  • greater than or equal to 14/20 for the 02 priority baccalaureate series.

Priorities 01: Mathematics and Mathematical Techniques.
Priorities 02: Experimental Sciences.

Additional conditions:

To participate in the ranking, the average calculated between the Mathematics and Physics scores (Maths + Physics) / 2 must be:

  • Priority 01 greater than or equal to 13/20
  • Priority 02 greater than or equal to 14/20

Purpose and duration of the studies

  • Preparation for the national entrance exam to national higher education schools.
  • Two-year course of study.
  • Multidisciplinary training of excellence.
  • Subjects taught: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science,Technical Drawing, Foreign Languages (French, English), Sociology, Economics.
  • Teaching is provided in the form of theoretical courses, tutorials and practical work.
  • The assessment of prior learning is done through continuous checks, supervised assignments and summary exams at the end of the semester.
  • These courses are supported by a consortium of leading French schools and in particular the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) in Lyon.
  • The intensive pace of the courses and assessment tests is aimed at persistent and dynamic students.

Infrastructure and supervision

The Tlemcen University of Applied Sciences has many advantages:

  • A team of qualified teachers, in partnership with Aboubekr Belkaid University in Tlemcen.
  • A (01) library with nearly 9000 books, a large reading room with a capacity of 140 places and two Internet spaces for students.
  • Three (03) amphitheatres with a unit capacity of 200 seats.
  • One (01) conference room with a capacity of 160 seats.
  • Fourteen (14) classrooms and tutorial rooms with a unit capacity of 35 places.
  • Fifteen (15) laboratories equipped with modern multidisciplinary equipment: Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Computer-aided Design and Drawing.
  • A videoconference room with 30 places for distance learning.

Opportunities and perspectives

At the end of the second year, the student will be admitted to the common national competition bringing together the following national higher education institutions:

Preparatory Classes and Engineering Schools

In the direct continuity of secondary education, the preparatory classes train students for the passage from the national entrance examination to the national higher education schools.

The national higher education institutions, also called grandes écoles d’ingénieur, are among the best and most prestigious higher education institutions in Algeria. Following their studies, graduates of the grandes écoles will have interesting career opportunities.

At the end of this training, students who do not enrol in a Grand School can continue their studies at the university.

The Higher School of Science and Appliances in Tlemcen

ESSA-Tlemcen is located in the Bel-Horizon district (Google Maps), it enjoys an exceptional setting and offers a serene atmosphere conducive to successful study.

Download the school brochure here.