Presentation of the Library


ESSAT   Library


  • Presentation of the Library 

    Given the importance of the library’s role within the school for cultural and scientific outreach, it seemed essential to revitalize it in order to best meet the needs of the community and its immediate environment.


  • History of the library

    The library of the Ecole Supérieure en Sciences Appliquée in Tlemcen was created in 2009. Since the opening of the Preparatory School in Science and Technology, and after she was promoted to a higher school in accordance with the provisions of Executive Decree 17-82 of 15 February 2017 published in the Official Gazette No. 12 of 22 February 2017.
  • Role and Missions

    The library contributes to ESSAT’s teaching and research activities through:
    The implementation of the School’s documentary policy: collection development plan.
    The purchase, reporting, management and communication of documents and information resources in any medium
    The welcome of all users: ESSAT students and teachers and the external public.
    Training users in research methodologies…
    The conservation and enhancement of the School’s documentary heritage.

DSC01567-150x150Opening hours: The Library is open from Sunday to Thursday from 8am to 5pm.

Access: The library is open to all. It welcomes readers (Teachers and Students) registered at ESSAT, and an external audience: University students, Teachers, Researchers, from any Higher Education institution seeking documentation in the fields of Applied Sciences.



  1. Fund management services (acquisition and processing of funds).
  2. Bibliographic research services.
  3. Reception and orientation services.


  • Loan and consultation

The documents are filed in stores and are provided to the lending bank upon request.

Periodicals (dictionaries, encyclopedias, journals) are excluded from the loan.

Borrowing documents requires registration. It is reserved for ESSAT Teachers, Students and Staff.

Once registered, the user can borrow a document marked “Available” from the library catalogue with his library card. This card is for the exclusive use of its holder. The presence of the reader is mandatory when borrowing and returning documents.

  • Loan Terms and Conditions

The number of documents that can be borrowed and the duration of the loan vary depending on the category of the reader and the type of document:

Catégorie LecteursNombre de DocumentsDurée de Prêt
Enseignants0501 mois
Etudiants en Spécialités0215 jours
Etudiants en Classes Prépa.0210 jours
Personnel ESSAT0210 jours

The number of documents borrowed and the loan period for each category of reader are subject to possible modifications, depending on the number of titles and especially the number of copies acquired from year to year.

  • Extend a Loan

It is possible to extend a loan as long as the document is not late or requested by another reader. The extension can be made before the loan expires.

  • Penalty for delay

Any delay is penalized by a loan suspension: 1 day of delay = 1 day of loan suspension
It is essential to respect the loan deadlines granted as other readers may need these same documents. In the event of loss, damage or non-return of documents, the library may require their replacement.

  • Working in a group

You can bring your own personal equipment (laptops, tablets,…). Electric sockets and Internet connection sockets are available near all seats in the two reading rooms. In particular the places intended for working on PCs.

  • Make a purchase suggestion

Despite your search in the catalogue, you do not find the document in our library. You can make a purchase suggestion and ask us to purchase it on condition:

⦁ That it is not available in our collections.
⦁ That it be available but in high demand, for this purpose the library is increasing the number of copies.
⦁ Make it available but you need a more recent edition.
⦁ That it meets our acquisition criteria.

  • Get a Quitus

It is an official document that certifies that you have returned all the borrowed documents and that you are in good standing with the library’s lending service. It is issued only once a year. It is requested:

  • For a re-registration.
  • For a file transfer to another higher education institution.
  • Upon presentation of a certificate or diploma.

The discharge will only be granted if you no longer have any documents on your reader account.

How do I get a discharge?

By going to the loan bank of the ESSAT library with your student card.



The ESSAT library provides you with a documentary collection of 1308 titles and 14150 copies, specialized in Applied Sciences, and a multidisciplinary collection that supports teaching and research.

To access the online library catalogue click HERE…


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Projected acquisitions 2018