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21 Nov

Tech Squad Science Club


TEX WRITE Editorial Day

The TEX WRITE event is a day dedicated to writing and expression.

The opening of the day took place in the conference room, which included:

  • A word from the president of the Tech Squad Club.
  • Speech on the importance of languages in learning, by Mr Réda BENDIOUIS, project manager of the day and member of the student reading committee.
  • A word from Mr Fouad MALIKI, member of the teachers’ reading committee.
  • Content presentation and launch of the day.
  • The word of encouragement from the Director of ESSAT, Mr Bouchrit ROUISSAT.

The day then continued in the ESSAT library, where participants took their seats and began writing. The coach organisers made a tour of the participants to accompany them in their first lines and to introduce themselves if necessary. The topics were then collected, and the teachers present, invited and volunteered to help the club in coaching, divided the membership to help and accompany the writing teams in the subject and structure.

The art drawing corner was done in parallel with the writing, in the upper part of the library. This major part continued in concentration and inspiration until 3pm.

The activities part started shortly before the announcement of the end of the writing, with mimes, then enigmas and quizzes.

The objectives of this day were to:

  • Promote our magazine ESSAT Mag.
  • Provide a space for participants to express themselves and an opportunity to be published.
  • Create an atmosphere of cultural discovery and knowledge sharing.
    Encourage research and expression.
  • To allow writing enthusiasts to find time to practice, motivate and inspire them.
  • Give a greater dimension to our activities and go beyond the strictly technical and entrepreneurial framework.
  • Share the know-how through the coaching present on the day of the event.
  • Promote student youth and discover new ideas, new visions.
  • Personal development: Teamwork in record time.