ESSA Tlemcen’s ECC Science Club organizes its first “First Step” event


CSC celebrates its first event

ECC (Engineering Crativity Club) is a science club founded by third-year industrial engineering students from the University of Applied Sciences in Tlemcen, it is dedicated to all students at the school.

Our objective is to organize and manage scientific activities within the school, represent the school in the various scientific and cultural events and activities, participate in informing students of all that is being done in the university field and provide a space for exchange and partnership with other schools and universities through their clubs.

“First Step” is our first event, which focused on the theme of entrepreneurship and personal development, which took place on Saturday, February 03, 2018 at the school. The latter collected more than 220 students that day.

The purpose of this event is to encourage the student to take the opportunity to create his own business, build self-confidence, take risks and develop.

The conferences were launched from 09:15 to 12:30 in the school’s conference room, different themes were covered:
-The entrepreneurship house within ESSAT by Mrs El Yasmine KADAOUI, teacher at the Higher School of Applied Sciences in Tlemcen, President of the entrepreneurship house at ESSAT.
self-confidence in entrepreneurship by Mrs Imene TABIT AOUEL, teacher at the Abu Bakr BALKAID University in Tlemcen.
-Risk taking in entrepreneurship by Mr. Yassine Mohamed TAHIMI, General Manager of Shark Events and General Manager of Shark Business Intelligence.
– Why personal development is important in entrepreneurship, by Mrs Ibtissem BOUSRI, Senior Communication Consultant at the Pan African Institute for Water and Energy.
-Experience of a young entrepreneur Mr Mohamed Djamel Eddine BAGHLI, Managing Director of Baghli & Co.
The workshops started at 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm, 120 participants from different academic institutions. Three workshops were conducted by our club members who have already had the same training:
“-Innovate in your communication styles” which allowed participants to get to know themselves and others better by knowing their communication styles.
“-Discover intelligence” which allowed participants to discover the different types and degrees of intelligence.
-“Speaking better” which allowed participants to know, how to have the intention of the interlocutor and be able to convince him/her.
A workshop was also held and led by our guest from the AIESEC-Tlemcen association.

Entertainment games have been installed for our guests.

Finally, the participants discovered what personal development is, and some had had notions about it and thanks to the workshops that allow the practice of the acquired information, they were able to develop these notions. We were able to feel the joy of the students who attended the “First Step”, delighted with what they were able to learn and apply during this day, all motivated to get involved in themselves and to discover more and more the world of entrepreneurship.

ECC Club Members