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WELCOM – DAY 2018-2019

Welcom day 2018 photos

The tradition of organizing the Welcom day for this academic year 2018-2019 has seen the massive participation of students, representatives of the University of Tlemcen, the Director of the Institute of Applied Sciences ISTA of Tlemcen, the representative of the association of business leaders of Tlemcen ACET as well as academic leaders and teachers of the school.

This day was marked by the multiple human values promoted by students and members of the institution’s science clubs. The programmed activities initially included the presentation by the Deputy Director of Education, Diplomas and Continuing Education, who focused on the school’s quantitative indicators, in particular the results of the national competition for access to the grandes écoles and analysed data on new students for the 2018-2019 academic year.

The presentation by the Deputy Director in charge of External Relations and Continuing Education was directed towards the school’s quantitative indicators, in particular in terms of international cooperation with French engineering schools within the framework of the RME network and the various successful actions carried out by the school within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, with the University of Lublin (Poland), and those to come, with the University of Valencia and Erasmus ICM with the IPB of Bragança in Portugal. These actions are aimed at students and teachers of ESSA – Tlemcen.

The Director of the school welcomed all the students of the school. He stressed the moral importance of this event, which commits the entire school community to developing considerable efforts to achieve the quality of training and effective care for students in many areas.

The head teacher stressed the importance of motivation and mobilization in the success of school studies and said that thanks to the entire school community, rigour, professionalism, in addition to a sense of belonging to the school, will be the guarantors of success for all in the school.

The activities of the school’s students through the science clubs included testimonies from former ESSA students – Tlemcen and members of the science clubs from many places: National (Algiers) and international (USA, France), using an audiovisual support retracing the course of studies and giving some valuable and benevolent advice to the school’s new students. Subsequently, the club representatives presented testimonies on aspects related to school motivation for academic success.

The second session of the activities was exclusively reserved for a tour of the historic sites of the city of Tlemcen, for the benefit of students from all over Algeria, for a better appreciation and knowledge of the city, its history and its very rich heritage.

Welcom day

Before the start of the courses, a welcome day is organised each year at the school to welcome new students. The massive participation of the wilaya’s industrial fabric, the heads of the Tlemcen higher education network (University of Tlemcen, the Higher School of Management, the Maghnia University Centre and the Pan-African Institute) and the executive administrations is recorded. This initiative is greatly appreciated by the school’s students.
Finally, he strongly supported the organization of the welcom days as a sign of the sincerity of the school community in taking care of students in all areas in order to guarantee their integration, success and the quality of their training.